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Live-DVD (2 hours)

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» Petenera-Trailer 2 (José Galván / Bulerías ­ 03:59)
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3gp hard rape fucking videos free download Directed by Michael Brown, produced by Daniel Villalva (Music Film Factor)

The recordings on this DVD are the result of 7 uniquely different concerts in 5 venues, performed over a period of 3 years. It therefore includes an exciting combination of different atmospheres, locations and repertory that makes it the only DVD of its kind. We have made it our principal goal to share these special moments with you, and to capture the emotions as faithfully as if you had been there.

3gp hd porn movie3gp handjob free download The mysterious figure of the legendary Petenera has haunted the world of flamenco for nearly 5 centuries, but peteneras performances and interpretations have been scarce. Still her character arouses a great deal of superstition, and legends about Petenera vary. The story of Petenera had never before been set for the stage in this kind of choreographic drama that provides an in-depth portrait of some of her important features and personality. This made the performance of the drama a world-premiere in flamenco history, and the artists' personal interpretation as well as their numerous traditional solos make it a compelling piece that we are proud to share with flamencolovers around the world, in an exclusive collector's item casing.

Includes: Peteneras, Rondeñas, Fandangos de Huelva, Sevillanas, Serranas, Siguiriyas, Tientos, Bulerías, Granaínas, Martinete, Interviews